Thato's Journey in Faith

From the Prelate
Thato's Journey in Faith

Thato from South Africa shares her story with the Prelate of Opus Dei and the participants at the 2017 UNIV congress in Rome, describing how she...

Apostolic Trip to Egypt

From the Pope
Apostolic Trip to Egypt

On April 28-29, Pope Francis will make a brief visit to Egypt to show support for Christians there and try to build bridges with moderate Islam. With...

Message of the day

“Ask for true humility”

Humility is born of knowing God and knowing oneself. (The Forge, 184)

Those periods of depression, because you see your defects or because others discover them, have no foundation ... Ask for true humility. (Furrow, 262)

Let us flee from the false humility which is called comfort-seeking. (Furrow, 265)

Lord, I ask for a gift from you: Love, a Love that will cleanse me. And another gift as well: self‑knowledge so that I may be filled with humility. (The Forge, 185)

The saints are those who struggle right to the end of their lives, who always...

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